The Triple Threat Transformation Track Protocol Journals

The Triple Threat of Transformation: Fearless, Activated, Transformed.
Transformation Track Protocol Journals by Malane Shani
Choose your Track, Change your Life

The Triple Threat of Transformation is a set of three Transformation Track Protocol Journals created by Malane Shani to support you in activating your leadership, decreasing your fear and transforming your life from the inside out. These powerful protocol journals reveal the energetic blocks that are keeping you from manifesting and living your hearts desires. All protocols have different tracks; the Triple Threat includes over 20 tracks and over 200 days of self-guided transformation that you can use to become the triple threat in your life: fearless, activated and transformed.

Featured Tracks
With the 63 Day Feminine Leadership Transformation Track Protocol Journal, you can use the Spiritual Maturity track to deepen your connection with Spirit so you can always tune into your higher power for guidance and clarity.
With the 70 Day Fearless Transformation Track Protocol Journal, you can use the Fear Level 10 track to overcome the fear of failure, whether you experience this fear of failure within your business, relationships, or personal goals and visions.
With the 90 Day Transformation Track Protocol Journal, you can use the Financial Wealth track to release any false beliefs and conditioning preventing you from creating financial abundance and stability in your life.

 ✴ Activate your feminine leadership superpower with the 63 Day Feminine Leadership Transformation Track Protocol Journal
Decrease your fear with the 70 Day Fearless Transformation Track Protocol Journal
Transform your life from the inside out with the 90 Day Transformation Track Protocol Journal

Our intention with the Transformation Track Protocol Journals is to inspire you to breakthrough and give you simple tools you can use to transform your life into what you want it to be. To render yourself and your life unrecognizable and to support you in reclaiming your power. Purchase and learn more about each journal below.

The Triple Threat Transformation Track Set

The Triple Threat includes all 3 Transformation Track Protocol Journals: Fearless, Activated and Transformed.


63 Days to Feminine Leadership Transformation Track Protocol Journal

Activate your feminine leadership superpowers and strengthen your ability to lead from your heart.


70 Day Fearless Transformation Track Protocol Journal

Overcome the 10 major fears that can paralyze and prevent you from being a powerful, successful and impactful leader.


90 Day Transformation Track Protocol Journal

Breakthrough the energetic blocks, conditioning and false beliefs holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in all areas of your life.



“My gem from the Transformation Track Protocol Journals is just making intentional choices, just making intentional choices so that what you choose to do is lined up with the intentional right thing for you. So, just learning how to make the choice intentionally. I think that was the most profound thing in integrating all the other points together. And just making it make sense for your money.”

– Lisa P.

“My gems from the Transformation Track Protocol Journals are that I can choose to believe something new and different and make that my reality, the second one was I can, should, will, do and deserve to have an abundance of money. That was from the financial track. That’s just like an affirmation that’s opposite of some of the reflections. There was the 10 lessons I learned from my ex, that was a good one. I love that, that’s going to be a post or something. The “no more playing the victim in relationships” and no more ownership of the victim role or acquiescing to avoid being labeled the villain, because that has also been a thing. And the last one is that I am forgiven by who? Myself. For my five gems in overall, I feel like for me what this Transformation Track kind of reinforced was the importance of doing that self-reflection to become self-aware. Like I just–once you start that process, you see so many people walking around that are not aware of how they’re showing up in the world, how they’re moving, how they’re interacting with people, how they’re impacting people and I think that in going through this protocol, it’s really allowed me to be aware of too many things, but in a great way. It’s been really beautiful.”

– Telicia G.

“From the Transformation Track, there were a lot of gems in the quotes. In the beginning I wasn’t as fully present to the quotes as I could have been but I did go through and there were a few on forgiveness, ‘forgive in every moment’, ‘forgiveness is a powerful tool for transformation, whomever you are right now is exactly who you were born to be at this moment. You may not be able to control the conditions happening in your life but you can control how you move through them.”

– Alkebulan F.

“I think most of mine evolved around loving myself, self-love. That’s my biggest gem, going back to the pathology. Everything that was instilled in me as a child, reliving moments of things that have caused me to be in this space in my head. And so basically the self-love piece is just really been very powerful for me. Really helped me through a lot of things that I would still be stuck in. So that’s been the most profound thing that I’ve gotten from this whole Transformation Track, self-love.”

– Freda C.

“The Transformation Track allowed me to pay more closer attention to the painbody and the spirit body and how the dance was happening between those two to create the totality of us and who we are. And another gem I wrote down was inundating myself with the focused trackwork on Mondays to kick off the week. What I found was in some of those spaces, there would be someone who sent me like a video to watch, it was like right on point with what we were about to walk into for the whole week. So that Monday was kind of like a jump off into that week and it was very, very helpful. So those are the main ones. ”

– Felicia H.

“I will say that my perception of Mondays have definitely changed since we started this, I’m just like ‘what we finna create this week?’ But my gems, so many, but one of the biggest gems is that when humanity wants to go in one direction, go in the opposite direction. Another gem is to make peace with your fear and pain, let it go. And probably the biggest thing for me is to be in gratitude to live without attachment.”

– Angel B.
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