Revealed… Now You Know


Malane Shani’s Empowerment CD

“Revealed… Now You Know” 

R&B/Neo-Soul Album

Affirmational and inspiring, this album provides its listeners a musical, self-healing journey. It provokes genuine self-reflection so that one can re-emerge at the end of the album a person who has begun to let go of the old and begin anew.

This CD is a testimony that no matter what happens you can have the victory and overcome any obstacles. It is filled with uplifting songs and messages that will inspire you and shower you with love, and with true stories that Malane is sharing with you to inspire you to reflect on your life, release your past and receive all that you desire.  Enjoy!

CD Credits: All lyrics written and performed by Malane Shani. All music and male vocals were written, performed and produced by Allen Blake Mcconnell at Blizz Studios in Atlanta, GA.

Exception: Motherless Child is a Traditional Negro Spiritual

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