“Empower Your Audience with Purpose”
Inspiring Millions to P.U.R.P.O.S.E.

When you invite Malane Shani the Empowerment Speaker to speak through her inspirational topics:

C. H. A. N. G. E.

P. U. R. P. O. S. E.

H. E. L. L. O. M. E.

F. E. A. R. L. E. S. S.

✔ Your audience gets inspired to live more authentically and purposefully.

✔ Your audience gets transformed by Malane’s combination of powerful true life stories and simple self-development tools and techniques.

✔ Your audience gets guided to the steps they need to take to fulfill their goals and intentions.

✔ Your audience gets empowered to take 100% ownership for their life.

Before becoming an acclaimed coach and educator, before studying spiritual modalities, before beginning her personal work, Malane Shani was a young woman with a gift. She had the ability to intuit guidance and openly shared this guidance with friends and family. Her generosity, selflessness and ability to love others deeply made her guidance remarkable and impactful. Everyone, however, did not appreciate or support her gifts. Malane’s family members, who she had tumultuous relationships with, became major players in the cycle of rejection and judgment. Over time, this cycle included some of her closest friends and romantic partners–resulting in difficult experiences such as homelessness, abusive relationships, grief, loss and low-self esteem. After her struggle and survival, she committed to creating a new life for herself with her Mentors and turned every past experience into a powerful lesson she could learn from. The personal work she began with her mentors inspired her to support others in changing their lives. Her deep connection to Spirit and her recognition of her personal power, love and truth urged her into her life’s work and ultimately, her life purpose.

Malane has served as the CEO for Malane Shani Global Empowerment for over 25 years which is an alternative solutions company for mental and emotional health and well-being and specializes in harmonizing mental and emotional health. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Relationship and Bereavement Coach and is leading the way as she continues to support the best and the brightest in the area of personal growth and development. Malane is also a Certified Professional Energy Worker, specializing in Natural, Psychological and Spiritual arts and sciences.

Malane’s community partnerships include the Candid Goddess Live Facebook show, which is a show that inspires women to use their voices and speak freely, the Get Your Entire Life Podcast which promotes emotional and mental health education, Sevananda Natural Foods Market where she facilitates team building and mental heath and wellness for the leadership team, High Frequency Radio Network where she hosted a weekly empowerment radio show, focused on elevating relationships, Spelman College where she facilitated a leadership program for freshman students through her unique curriculum, “I Am Top Talent”, the Living Foods Institute where she has conducted monthly workshops on emotional healing and wellbeing and provided private and group life coaching sessions and the Douglas County homeless shelter where she developed and facilitated a weekly empowerment program that supports women in transition.

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Discover Your Purpose with
Empowerment Speaker Malane Shani

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