One Lesson Away

Learn the Powerful Art of Attracting the Relationship of Your Dreams! The Perfect Relationship is Just ‘One Lesson Away’.

One Lesson Away is the life-changing book from Malane Shani that uses her real-world
experiences in relationships to help you break free from the patterns that are holding you back from happiness in your love life!

Are Relationships from Your Past Holding You Back?

Do you have regrets about your past relationships that you can’t get over?
Do you replay the decisions you made over-and-over, wondering what might have been?

If you have ever suffered a heartbreak or made questionable decisions in a relationship, it is very easy for those memories to continue to haunt you. You can be afraid to meet a new person, sabotage a flourishing relationship or simply put up barriers that prevent you from finding true happiness in love.

However, as long as you keep these walls up and allow past mistakes to stay in your mind, it is impossible for you to freely move towards the amazing new relationship that you deserve!

One Lesson Away is here to provide you with incredible insights into the false beliefs you may hold, which can help you move forward in your love life!

Engaging, informative and exciting, One Lesson Away will truly open up limitless possibilities for your future relationships.

It’s Time to Bring Your Lessons to Life

Malane Shani, a renowned Relationship and Life Coach, will guide you through the first 26 Lessons of overcoming your past relationships, then use these deep insights to begin attracting the relationship of your dreams!

This easy-to-follow guide includes potent real-life experiences and proven methods to transform false beliefs and thought patterns into a positive approach to love.

Here Are Some Testimonials from People Who Have Taken This Journey…

Alexia was only one lesson away from having healthier relationships with women…
Lesson 24: Relationships Are A Beautiful Space to Heal
“With One Lesson Away, I’ve learned to be curious about what comes up for me and then heal and release it. Working through this lesson has allowed me to heal my relationships with other women with whom I have shared memory. I now believe that each of us called one another forward to heal together. Through the Do It Yourself exercises, I have been able to recognize, profess, heal, and release hurt and false beliefs. I am confident that I can now share my experiences with others so that they may begin their healing journey as well. For that, I am eternally grateful.” – Alexia 

Amber was only one lesson away from deeper self-love…
Lesson 11: Self-Hate is the Root of All Disease, Sickness and Depression
“In Lesson 11, I had an incredible experience in the mirror speaking words of forgiveness, appreciation and self-love. I felt this deep connection to myself, and I felt like I was talking to myself rather than AT myself. I also experienced what it feels like to be complete with myself and not looking for someone outside of me to bring me a feeling of love or acceptance. Me being honest and acknowledging and accepting the best and worst of me felt like I had a real relationship. I felt complete with me.” – Amber 

Lashannon was only one lesson away from increasing her self-trust…

Lesson 4: What People Say About Me is None of My Business
“My biggest jewel from Lesson 4 was honesty. I learned that it is essential to choose to begin to tell myself the truth all the time NO MATTER WHAT and to begin to lean, fully trust and move from my own inner authority. Others could offer their insights and have their opinions about me and how I move, however I have the final say. Trusting myself and clearing out the voices and energy of others allowed me to lean into my intuition and apply proper discernment to the choices I make. I cleared the outdated be-LIE-fs that other people knew best (i.e. my Mother, Grandmothers, Aunt). In being true to myself and embracing my authentic self, I set myself free from the chains of others.” – Lashannon 

Khadija was only one lesson away from launching her own business…
Lesson 7: Success in My Life is What I Say It Is
“I am the owner of the Evelyn Rose Collection, a plus-size online fashion boutique for the everyday but extraordinary woman. I uncovered this gift in Lesson 7. I have always been a fashionista, dressing myself in stylish and jazzy garb over the years, no matter the size of my body. The light bulb moment came as I was writing my journal entry about the three things I am passionate about. I get to empower women to be their best selves through fashion. I uncovered a gift in the midst of this initiation process! My boutique is set to launch this month and I have support to help me through the process.” – Khadija

Angel Mak was only one lesson away from… trusting herself 
Lesson 16: Intuition Without Discernment is Only Half the Truth
“This lesson is something I use every single day. I used to go into a spiral trying to figure out how I could make something happen, but the traffic light system tool from this lesson really helped me be more aware of how things look and feel and sound to me, and identify when something is a red light.” – Angel Mak

“If anyone had told me back then that I was only one lesson away from the relationship of my dreams it would have saved me a lot of suffering.” – Malane Shani

One Lesson Away – Digital Download Only


One Lesson Away – Paperback Plus Shipping

21.99 $

Discover the Full ‘One Lesson Away’ Experience

Go beyond the book with Malane’s Complete One Lesson Away System, which is expertly designed to deliver a full transformation on your outlook of love! While the One Lesson Away book will change your life, the true power of transformation comes from the specially-designed system that uses a holistic approach to relationship therapy.

Build on the 26 Lessons found in the book with daily exercises, affirmations and the Sacred
Scroll, all working cohesively to help you master the daily art of attraction.

The One Lesson Away Complete Package Includes:

One Lesson Away Book ($22 Value)

26 remarkable Lessons directly from Malane Shani, who teaches you through her real-life experiences how to overcome barriers and negative beliefs in order to begin attracting the right relationship for your needs.

Oracle Affirmation Cards ($25 Value)

Each of the 26 premium Affirmation Cards are based on the 26 Lessons in the book.
By giving yourself a daily Intentional Affirmation that boosts your confidence and keeps you
focused on your love-life goals, you are able to ensure that you stick to a plan laid out for you. Each card also includes a ‘Note to Self Affirmation for the Week’ that expands upon the
lessons and offers a bigger-picture view of how you can use the lesson in the long-term.

One Lesson Away Sacred Scroll ($15 Value)

Delivering 26 Lessons comprised of universal truths and principles to live by, the Sacred
Scroll is an empowering piece that promotes harmony, happiness and a balanced life.
Embodying all the Lessons in One Lesson Away, is a vital document that supports your
inner-understanding, so that you may guide yourself along the journey to attraction based on your own personal experiences!

26 Five-Minute Moment Videos ($250 Value)

These premium videos explain and capture the essence of each of the 26 Lessons found in the book. Watching these videos will provide a further understanding of the lessons and allow
you to experience them in the moment, ingraining them into your mind.

To help lay the foundation for long-term relationship success, we are offering the One Lesson Away Transformation System at a special price.

$350 Value for Only $197

The One Lesson Away Transformation System


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