Malane Shani’s Momentum Masters Membership Program

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The intention of the Momentum Masters membership program is to support its members in practicing, choosing and achieving accelerated momentum in every area of their lives. Members will activate self-mastery at the core level and discover and integrate with unique principles and practices that will release old belief systems and patterns that can stifle and stagnate momentum.

Members will also develop emotional and spiritual awareness to deepen self-love, activate joy and experience peace in every area of their lives. Yes, you can have it all.

The Momentum Masters Membership provides access to an exclusive Facebook page with weekly live videos facilitated by Malane Shani, and live classes every Wednesday via Zoom video conferencing at 8 P.M. EST.

Three Levels of Membership

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Do you read self-help books and attend workshop after workshop, but don’t see the reflection of what you know in your life? Are you struggling to balance your life in every area, i.e. family, financial, intimate relationships or career? To manifest our hearts desires, we must pair our knowledge with wisdom. Many times, we commit ourselves to study without committing ourselves to practice. If this sounds like you, the “I Know” membership is a powerful starting point for you to integrate with and use everything that you know—and see the transformation within your life.

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“I Know” Membership


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Are you aware of your shadow beliefs and patterns, and actively taking on daily practices to release these patterns–like meditation or affirmations–but not seeing any change in your life? Do you feel like you take two steps forward, only to take four steps backward? To create what you truly desire, you must begin to make new choices that are in alignment with what you want. If you don’t make a new choice in the moment of the challenge or trigger, nothing will change. The “I Choose”membership will support you in making powerful new choices during the times that it really counts. As you make new choices, you master deliberate manifestation and creation. What do you want to create–is it a new car, a new home, your own business, a significant other, or an increased sense of self-love, peace, or joy?

Click the link below to sign up or learn more:
“I Choose” Membership


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Are you doing your personal work and masterful at what you do, but wanting to transition into something new–whether a business, relationship, or your quality of life? You may not be able to control the transitions happening in your life, however, you can control how you move through them. The “I Elevate” membership is for individuals who have been powerful and impactful in their own lives and the lives of others, but are beginning a new journey into the unknown. We will support you in elevating beyond all fears, unhealthy patterns and blockages in order to transform and transition into your authentic vision. If you find yourself in the midst of transition and change, something inside of you wants to be born–will you allow it?

Click the link below to sign up or learn more:
“I Elevate” Membership


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