Inner Tea Talk with Malane Shani Podcast

We love talking about the tea–the gossip and inside scoop on other people’s lives–but we don’t always love acknowledging our own inner tea: our own inner thoughts, feelings and desires that are creating our life moment by moment. On Inner Tea Talk, get ready to be inspired to embrace the truth of who you are. Live more authentically and on purpose with hostess Malane Shani, Life Coach, Self-Mastery Educator, Speaker and Author.

Join us and be inspired and empowered with tools and tips on how to tap into your inner tea, activate your authentic purpose and amplify your work in the world!

Episodes Available:
Episode One: 3 Steps to Activating Your 2020 Vision Board
Episode Two: 3 Steps to Activating Your Inner Healer
Episode Three: From Hustle & Grind to CEO Divine: 3 Steps on How to Leave the Grind Behind


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