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Have you ever wondered why your relationships are not working and why you keep having the same relationship with different people? Have you ever wondered why your past keeps repeating itself and causing more pain and trauma in your life now? Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been able to practice what you’ve learned daily? I feel you and I know exactly where you are. I was in that exact same place years ago, trying to figure out why my pain and trauma kept resurfacing every time I was in a relationship. My relationships were toxic and I kept attracting the wrong people, places, and things until one day I realized that I needed to heal. I thought I was healed because I spent the last two decades working on myself, taking classes and being mentored by gurus, but my life did not reflect that I was healed. So, I committed myself to deeper work and I was able to recover from my pain and trauma and to get my life. And this is why I’ve created the Heal U University to share my experiences with you through courses and classes that will walk you through healing tools and techniques that work. They work for me, and I know they will work for you. Here is what others are saying about the Heal U University.

“Since I came to Heal U University, learned the tools and began coaching with Malane, I am more committed to self-care and self-love, I am more open to sharing emotionally, I’m more spiritually in tune and my gift of discernment is much stronger. I have a stronger sense of purpose, I’m speaking my truth more, I’m better at setting boundaries, I’m less fearful and less stressed out about finances and my job. I learned how to be in the flow. My faith is stronger, I’m not as secretive as I used to be. I’m more open. I’m more authentic about myself. I accomplished getting my Reiki Level 1 and I get my Reiki Level 2 in November. This is a huge accomplishment that I wasn’t able to achieve before.”- April S., 2019

“Some things that I discovered at the Heal U University about my life was, I was very resistant especially to getting a new car. My car was breaking down every other week, and I refused to get a new car because I thought I could’nt afford one. But in my course, I discovered that I could afford a new car so I went and bought one. It feels so good. I paid off my student loans, and I was able to consolidate some other debt that I had into one payment. So basically I got rid of all my credit cards with the exception of one emergency card. My mom was losing her house and I was worrying all the time. We were able to save her house even though she was almost a year and some months behind on her payments. This lightened my emotional load tremendously.I became more clear about what I do and don’t want, I’m speaking my truth more often, my relationships with women have improved because I’m able to see other women as my mirror so when I see that another woman is guarded, it’s not my first instinct to immediately put up my guard but to understand where that woman is coming from and also understand that it’s a place that I have been in and still work to not be in that space every day. I am so grateful.”- Alexia M., 2019

“At the Heal U University, I have discovered more time to be happy, my spine is straighter–I’m taller, y’all, lol. My menstrual cycle has been regulated, my intuition is sharper, I have a job that I enjoy, my relationships just feel so much easier, I have a stronger sense of responsibility, I can create my life on purpose, I just have a greater awareness, I judge myself less and I’m more confident in myself and my femininity.”- Angel B., 2020

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The Heal U Audio Inspirational Library

Over 100 hours of Inspiration on Spirituality, Relationships, Prosperity and More.

The Heal U Audio Inspirational Library gives you a deep glimpse and experiential journey into every aspect of life. The audios, videos and writings in this library are powerful inspirations, workshops and tools that will support you in being more of who you were born to be. This support will assist you in releasing stress, making clear decisions and improving your relationship with yourself and others. Our most popular audios are: “Are you Single Enough to Be in a Healthy Relationship”, “The Unborn Mother” and “Is Your Deep Rocking You to Sleep.”We add new audios/videos every week so that you can continue to practice and integrate with the work that you know and bring it to life in your reality.

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