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For support around tonight’s topic, “Malanenomics Law #1: Being” visit these topics in Malane Shani Self-Mastery Library:

Notes to Self 5 Minute Moment – Everything Begins and Ends With Me

Breaking Through The Deep Pt. 1… Is Your Deep Rocking You To Sleep?

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10 Ways to Overcome Fears of Leadership
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Discover Malane Shani’s 10 most common fears of leadership and how to transform them in this new Activate U Now University course. Leadership is a very powerful position given to those who have come here to support, inspire and blaze new trails–but being a truly impactful leader who causes real change is not always easy. In this course, you will strengthen your leadership abilities as well as your connection to yourself as you learn how to transmute your fears into love.

In this course, you will discover…

  • How to connect with others authentically and build better relationships with clients, friends and family
  • How to take ownership of your life experiences
  • How to clear and release all fears of leadership
  • How to become an energetic heart-centered leader
  • How to tune into and follow the guidance of your Spirit

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