Malane facilitated four team-building workshops at Sevananda Natural Foods Co-op in Atlanta, GA. Each workshop was intended to build a stronger leadership team, and featured a variety of Malane Shani Global Empowerment exclusive team-building exercises.

Malane facilitated several empowerment workshops for women in Beaufort, South Carolina from September 27th – 30th.

Malane co-facilitated this team-building workshop for Youth Spark in Atlanta, GA. Youth Spark is an organization centered around empowering youth that have experienced exploitation and sex trafficking.

Malane facilitated a team-building workshop at Unique Naturals Hair Salon in Atlanta, GA.

Malane facilitated a mini workshop at the You Revealed Conference at the YMCA in Atlanta, GA. This workshop featured her Notes to Self Oracle Affirmation Cards and Notes to Self Sacred Scroll.

This special couple’s workshop, facilitated by Malane Shani, featured exercises intended to cultivate and promote intimacy. This workshop also featured the Notes to Self Oracle Affirmation Cards.

Malane facilitated a women’s retreat from April 20th – 22nd at a beautiful mansion on Lake Oconee, GA. This retreat featured The Clearing, a cellular memory releasing workshop exclusive to Malane Shani Global Empowerment.

Malane hosted Kenya K. Stevens of JujuMama Love Academy in Atlanta, GA. Kenya facilitated a workshop on the basics of polyamory and open relating.

Malane facilitated clearing and activation sessions at the Maat Festival in Atlanta, GA.

To book a unique experience for your next event with Malane Shani, Self Mastery Educator, Master Coach and Speaker, please email us at or call us at 404-200-3796.

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