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The Candid Goddess on Facebook Live

Thank you for tuning into the Candid Goddess! Here are the classes we discussed in Episode 19, “Mental Health… The Power of the Mind” available now in the Self-Mastery Library.

Here’s the link to 5 Minute Moment: The Truth Will Always Set Me Free:

Here’s the link to Death and Dying: Five Stages to Self-Discovery:

Join Malane Shani, the Love Goddess, Meme the Sensual Goddess, Alexia the Divine Goddess, Telicia the Intentional Goddess and Kari, the Millennial Goddess as we share 5 perspectives and 4 generations of our candid views. This show’s intention is to give you the Candid Goddess view on life’s Heart Topics in an authentic, intense and loving environment and you have permission to speak freely. Join us every Friday at 9 PM EST on Facebook Live.

Click the link below to access the Candid Goddess Facebook page:

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