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Welcome to Activate U Now University!

Activate U Now University (AUNU) is a place to be inspired, activated and elevated by releasing what is no longer in alignment with you–that could be fears, beliefs, choices, relationships, patterns, etc.–and embracing your authentic self, who is worthy, deserving, and can have it all. AUNU offers powerful tools, exercises and workshops to support you in manifesting your heart’s desires and living your most authentic life.

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You are more than enough.

Everything you need to live the life of your dreams is already inside of you. You can create whatever you want to attract and manifest for your life. If you want to increase peace, harmony, joy and success in your life, join this global mission that is committed to transforming the world one course at a time. 

AUN provides unique courses and educational materials that support your journey to self-healing and self-mastery. Integrate what you know with daily practices and feel the bliss of balance and harmony in your daily life.

Malane Shani’s Self-Mastery Library

Over 100 hours of Inspiration on Spirituality, Relationships, Prosperity and More. Malane Shani is the Founder of Activate U Now University and a Self-Mastery Educator, Life Coach, Speaker and Author with over 30 years experience transforming lives from the inside out.

The Malane Shani Self-Mastery Library gives you a deep glimpse and experiential journey into every aspect of life. The audios, videos and writings in this library are powerful inspirations, workshops and Self-Mastery tools that will support you in being more of who you were born to be. This support will assist you in releasing stress, making clear decisions and improving your relationship with yourself and others. Our most popular audios are: “Are you Single Enough to Be in a Healthy Relationship”, “The Unborn Mother” and “Is Your Deep Rocking You to Sleep.”We add new audios/videos every week so that you can continue to practice and integrate with the work that you know and bring it to life in your reality.

Sign up for the Self-Mastery Library for only $11 a month or save $43 and sign up for our annual subscription for $89. 

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