Activate U Now University

Activate U Now University is home to several transformative courses facilitated by Malane Shani.


Change Your Mind, Change Your Money

The intention of this course is to help clients transform their finances. They will discover what habits and beliefs are blocking their money flow, so they can eliminate them and revitalize their financial status.

During this course, clients will…

Reveal and begin to transform any belief systems that may be blocking their financial success.

Clarify their financial goals and implement tools and practices that create and attract sustainable resources and increase income.

Discover how true financial success and fulfilling their life purpose can happen simultaneously.

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I AM Master Teacher

I Am Master Teacher is a powerful 4 Level course intended to help clients master their inner world, source their spirit and walk their divine path. It is designed to awaken, reveal and develop the Master Teacher already lying dormant in each one of us.

Clients will learn how to manage their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies so they can discover their spiritual work and authentic self.

Stage One: The Clearing.

Stage Two: Activation.

Stage Three: Practice & Integration.

Stage Four: Hands-on Healing.


Sacred Daughters & Sons

Sacred Daughters & Sons is a course for children ages 12-14, intended to create a safe and sacred environment to tap into their natural spirituality and develop their spiritual gifts.

Stage 1: The Clearing

In this stage, each daughter and son will discover how to clear old memory patterns and belief systems that have been developed that are not in alignment with their natural way of being.  It includes Releasing through breathing which causes more clarity, focus and opens creative centers.

Stage 2: Spiritual Gift Development

Everyone one of us is born with innate spiritual gifts that help us carry out our purpose. This stage will assist daughters and sons in discovering, developing and using their spiritual gifts in everyday life and tapping into intuition and discernment facilities.

Stage 3: Practice & Integration

This stage is the most crucial stage. This is where daughters and sons discover how to integrate and practice what they have learned. Our philosophy is practice makes permanent.

Stage 4: I Am Sacred Daughter & Son.

This stage gives the daughters and sons an opportunity to infuse creativity with their spiritual gifts to work together and create a presentation for their parents, friends and family to show what they have learned.


Millennial Mentoring with Malanenomics

The intention of Millennial Mentoring with Malanenomics is to assist millennials in discovering their authentic self, managing their emotions and energy, and living out their authentic life purpose.

Clients will…

Release old belief systems, pathologies and patterns so they can set new intentions for their life

Discover their spirit’s work and life purpose

Create a new legacy based on authenticity and self-love.


Emotional Liberation: 3 Steps to Clearing Your Emotional Pathways

In this workshop, clients will learn how to begin to identify and clear emotional pathways that may cause blockages and stagnation in their lives.



Men Tap In

Men Tap In (MTI) is a special course for men only, and is designed to support men in letting go of everything that is no longer in alignment with their path. MTI also creates a safe and sacred space where men can feel free to release and let go of it all. Relax and be restored and renewed. This course is for men who are ready to take their lives to the next level, to take their next step, to return to their original design and to reconnect to their Inner Source.

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