3 Simple Steps on How to Float to the Top of your Life

Float to the Top Flyer V2

Are you struggling to break through the same old same old? Are you ready to transition in your relationships, job, career or environment? Do you want to apply what you know? Are you ready for consistency in finances, relationships and spirituality? Do you want peace and joy, consistently? Are you having dreams and visions that you can’t explain? Do you see the same numbers often? If you answered yes to these questions, please join Malane Shani, Self-Mastery Educator for a power hour on Sunday, April 15th to discover how to float to the top of your life.

In these beautiful times that we’re living in, sometimes we can forget how to create and manifest what we want. The power to create all of our desires is in our willingness to be inspired to be more of ourselves today than we were yesterday. Living an authentic life requires courage: the courage to stand out, to speak your truth and to bring forth your unique vision. Each of us was born for purpose, and every experience we go through is to reveal more of that purpose to us. However, when we allow our circumstances to weight us down, our lives can feel heavy and difficult to navigate. Join us on Sunday to inspire, activate and elevate your life so you can float to the top and achieve success in every area. This power hour will give you three steps that you can use to begin your elevation to the top of your life.


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