“Once I began working with Malane it seemed like a dark fog I was walking around in lifted. I was able to drop the pretentious facade that I had been maintaining my entire life. Malane helped me understand my life purpose and take active measures to ensure that I live my life authentically. I began to realize that I had never been my true self in this world; hence everything prior to this was not me. I had become to Dependant on someone else to validate my self worth. Since beginning my authentic lifestyle I have never been happier and healthier. While I have undergone a few more life transitions for the good I look forward to many more. I truly understand that everything happens in a divine space and time and the transition goes smoother when I sit back and let life flow.”

— Angela, Washington DC

“I have been blessed with meeting Malane and having the great opportunity to work under her life-coaching style. For years I searched for someone who had so many incredible qualities as Malane. Her wisdom, discernment and intuition has assisted me in overcoming my own limitations and to become the authentic manifestation of who I truly am. Now I am on a journey full of unexpected and wonderful results, and in the most magical and exciting quest I could have ever expected. I will always be grateful for having this incredible opportunity in my life and for the growth, the life changing process and for all the tools she has given me, which will stay with me forever to use any time I need them. Thank you Malane!”

— Andrea, Atlanta GA

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