Learn 10 Secrets to Break Through The Fears and Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Attracting Your Hearts Desires

The 10 Secrets to Overcoming Fear and Limiting Beliefs Digital Workbook

Do you ever wonder why you can’t seem to get to the next level in your life? Do you feel dissatisfied or stuck in a particular area of your life? Are you struggling to stay motivated?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on…….

Whatever you want to accomplish or create–the only thing standing between you and what you want is fear. We let our fear control us and make decisions for us. It causes us to delay our success through fears of failure, of too much responsibility, of not being enough. Have you ever said these to yourself?

“I’m not good at _______ because people picked on me when I was younger.”
“I can’t do __________ right now because I don’t know enough.”
“If I do _________ then I might get hurt.”

You can do and have anything you desire. Once you let go of the belief that you can’t, you will have exactly what you want. The 10 Secrets to Overcoming Fear and Releasing Limiting Beliefs Digital Workbook is packed with 10 live videos, Do It Yourself exercises, powerful affirmations and more to support you in identifying the fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, clearing them through simple yet powerful exercises and then creating new beliefs that will help you attract your desires effortlessly.


✔ 30 Affirmations to help you begin to create powerful new beliefs
✔ 10 Quotes to inspire and motivate you while working through each Secret
✔ Comprehensive break down of each secret in a 10 Secrets video series (3+ hours of content)
✔ Exclusive tools and exercises you can use to break through any challenges or obstacles you face throughout your life


✔ How to Identify the Beliefs that Are Limiting Your Ability to Attract and Manifest What You Desire
✔ How to Create New Beliefs that Help You Attract Your Hearts Desire
✔ How to Overcome Fear with Powerful Tools Exclusive to Malane Shani Global
✔ How to Break Through Mental Barriers that Are Causing You to Feel Stuck, Stagnant or Unmotivated

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10 Secrets to Overcoming Fear and Releasing Limiting Beliefs

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