Malane Shani is a Healing Practitioner and Intentional Relationship & Life Coach who helps women heal and recover from pain and trauma so that they can create and attract healthy relationships with themselves and others. #HealUNow


Join us live every day at 12PM on Facebook Live for Real, Relatable Love. Inspire and uplift yourself with Malane Shani’s real talk, relatable stories and open advice on love and relationships. Visit @IAmMalaneShani on Facebook and Instagram page Monday through Friday at noon to join.

Healing Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Although it seems that the world is in a state of panic, and that our future is uncertain, when we surrender and tune into Spirit, we open ourselves up to receiving all the inspiration, support and resources we need to powerfully create a joyful, peaceful and safe reality. No matter the situation or circumstance, you can choose for all to be well in your world.

Stress & Fear Relief for Peace Session with Malane Shani

This service was specifically created to support you in reducing stress and fear in regards to the Coronavirus epidemic. This session includes but is not limited to energy healing, life coaching, breathing techniques and/or intuitive strategies and solutions in how to move in peace through this time. For new and returning clients.

The Heal U University Free Resource Library

Join the Free Resource Library at HUU for access to empowerment audios by Malane Shani to support you in raising your vibration, tapping into your Spirit and intuition and elevating your relationship with yourself and others.

The Inner Tea Talk with Malane Shani Podcast

We love talking about the tea–the gossip and inside scoop on other people’s lives–but we don’t always love acknowledging our own inner tea: our own inner thoughts, feelings and desires that are creating our life moment by moment. On Inner Tea Talk, get ready to be inspired to embrace the truth of who you are. Join us and be inspired and empowered with tools and tips on how to tap into your inner tea, activate your authentic purpose and amplify your work in the world! New episodes are available every week.

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