Malane Shani Global Empowerment (MSGE) is an alternative solutions company for mental and emotional health and well-being and specializes in harmonizing mental and emotional health. MSGE accomplishes this by using alternative technologies to clear old cellular memory and to illuminate the light of authentic living. Through workshops, empowerment programs, and individual and group sessions, our intention is to create a cadre of healed master teachers and healers to move throughout the world, to inspire individuals to live more authentically, to activate their innate gifts and to elevate the minds and hearts of those who will inspire others to live their best life.


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Notes to Self

The highly anticipated book by Life Coach, Mentor and Spiritual Educator Malane Shani

Take a 52 week journey with Malane Shani and illuminate the light within. Journey includes: 52 Do It Yourself Practices, 52 Intentional Affirmations, 52 Self Reflection Statements, 52 Note to Self Weekly Affirmations and Note to Self Journal Pages.

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